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"Thank you very much! We are very pleased with the professionalism..". - Colleen
"AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! The whole squad is very excited." - Dianne
If you have any questions or want to get started on your custom mix right away please Contact Us
Do You Offer Any Free Music?
Currently there are no free or paid music downloads. We are not music vendors or distributors! We are currently only being contracted by private individuals, gyms, schools, and non-profit organizations. However, feel free to listen to the samples available on our site.

Can I Get A Routine Quickly? I Am In A Bind!

Normal turn around time is 10 business days. However, we may be able to offer rush jobs in 5 business days. If you need it sooner, let us know.
Where Are You Located?
Our studio/office is located in Greenville, SC. We do everything remotely. We work with people from every state as well as Europe/UK. Geography doesn't matter to us! We specialize in what other local DJs cannot provde.
I've Had Some Bad Experiences With Other Music Services In The Past. How Are You Different?
We are different because this is a full-time business for us! This is not a side job and we are not a "fly by night operation". We have a proven track record in the industry. Just ask any of the teams we have worked with. We have great turn around and personalized service. Your emails and phone calls will not be ignored. You will not make you wait months for results either. Sure you can pay less elsewhere, but you will be getting what you paid for. Still our prices are very resonable and competitive with some of the top sound designers in this industry who charge as much as $1,000.00 per mix or per 10 hour day (not including traveling expenses and lodging). You get the same personalized service without all the hassle or expense!
I am unable to listen to the samples on your page.

You will need to have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer in order to hear the samples.

Do you have an 8 count sheet available?

We sure do. However, please only send us this if you already have choreographed the routine or are familiar with how this works. This is not a requirement. If you have not yet choreographed your routine don't worry! Please note that we are now charging an additional fee if you are using 8-count sheets.

8 Count Sheet Download
(Microsoft Word Format)

Do I have to send you a copy of the music?

Most times it is unecessary for you to send us your music if we already have a copy on hand. If for some reason we do not have the music you request we will inform you. Examples of music we do not keep on hand are low distribution mix cds made by other music companies, out of print cds, and obscure music. To include this you can either mail us a copy or you can send it to us via mp3 format by ripping it from your cd. We reserve the right to choose not to use certain music selections.

How Much Does The Music Cost?
Make sure you do not miss the colored menu at the VERY TOP of the page. For a direct link you can find pricing here. The cost is based upon the length of your routine. The only additional (optional) charges are voice overs, extra cds, & shipping.
Can I pick out the type of music I want?
Yes, in fact we prefer that you do. While we have our own tastes in what we like it will not match up to 100% of our clients. While you do not have to select everything it might be very good to give us a general theme or direction you are going in so that we can best coordinate how to construct your music. You can simply select the songs and let us do the rest or go as far as to tell us what parts you might like included.
Is it possible to add a pause for a cheer? What if I have a 30 second segment that I need and then a 45 segment also.
We do include pauses in the total mix time. We calculate by the total time of the actual music/audio. The minumum charge is for 30 seconds of music. We will take the combined totals from each of your routine portions and come up with a total sum. For instance, if you needed 30 seconds and 45 seconds you would write 1 Minute and 15 seconds (1:15) as the total length. This is simply a way the we help approximate service fees for our time and effort involved. If we charged hourly it might be unclear how long it may take so for simplicity purposes you will be able to know how much to budget for a particular project. Please ask if you have any questions.
We are competing in a televised event on ESPN. They have requested that we provide them with any ASCAP/BMI registration numbers. What are these and how do I go about meeting the requirements or finding these numbers?

Our intentions are for the private use of our services. We are not music distributors or retailers. However, some teams do attend televised competitions where there are more strict guidelines imposed and enforced. Here you will need to know which songs are included in your routine along with some registration numbers for each song to identify it. Competitions buy what is called a "blanket license" to cover all the teams. While the majority of songs are contained within the libraries of these two performing rights groups (BMI & ASCAP), you might want to double check before requesting anything (even if you have not yet received a bid for nationals). Many competitions do not cover the third main group SESAC. Common songs are most likely registered with one of the main two if not both. If you have any questions please contact the individual competition directors for more information.

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